Julia Thomsen

London based, Julia Thomsen, is a composer taking a fresh direction with hew new classical EP ‘Sea Energise’. One of the pieces which stood out the most is ‘Beauty Inside And Out’, and it hit me like a tonne of bricks for all the right reasons.

It is infectious with its calm tone, and it is difficult to not oscillate into a tranquil space with Julia delivering a mixture of melodic sounds which ooze in confidence. For me, the music grips like a leech, and it tells a story without any words being present. The piano which opens is serene with it picking up pace in places to build the momentum, and it leads into a beautiful inner section with plenty of likeabilities.

Also, sitting behind the robust piano and harmonic orchestral section is a sound which resonates waves gushing against the rocks. For me, it makes me think of the beauties of the coastline, and I can almost feel the countryside wind brushing across my face.

The leading hook comes in the middle of the piece with all the sounds growing in volume and velocity with a gentle synth taking the focal point. As the track gets to the final section, we hear Julia emphasise the sounds even more profoundly. It gets bold with crushing sounds taking the forefront of the mix.

Overall, it a track which proves hugely poignant with a melody line which leaves a long-lasting impression. Moreover, it is compelling and captivating with a direction which we do not hear all too often in contemporary classical compositions.