Near Death Experience

Near Death Experience have just released their new single ‘Moves’ and it is everything which an indie rock gem should be. It is bold and triumphant and comes with a rhythm which shakes.

Kicking off is a robust bass section which glides its way along with an edgy vocal performance from ‘Ian Whiteling’. A rhythm guitar soon appears with an astute tone, and it adds a funky direction to the sound before a beat lands which thumps in an engaging bearing. The chorus is nail-biting, and the band excel by placing their signature sound on full display.

As the track grows, the guitar stands out even more potently, and it kicks the record out of the ballpark with its upbeat tempo and feel-good vibe. For me, NDX are high-grade. Cleverly, the group have even adopted a Latin feel here. Also, although this one does not sound as similar to the 70s as their previous track ‘Conquer’ did, there is still plenty of that decade popping out.

I relish the energy and poise within the vocals. The confidence is flowing out of Ian’s voice and his symbolic ‘Come On’s’ echo out in dominant style. Also, we hear the singer experiment vocally towards the latter with the band letting him off the leach to delve around his octave spectrum, and he does it remarkably well contributing to one of the biggest and artistic finalises to an indie track.

Overall, it is an exquisite rock piece relevant to modern times. It has a new frame for the group, and it takes them into a new space. As a result, I can only dream of one day seeing them perform in concert.