Tanya Walker

“Good Days, Bad Days” by Tanya Walker is an odyssey through the labyrinth of life itself. As the harmonies unfurl like ribbons caught in an eternal dance, Walker’s voice emerges as a beacon, guiding listeners through the tumultuous seas of existence.

Recorded at the venerable Abbey Road Studios in London, every note carries the weight of history, as if the very walls themselves echo with the stories of countless artists who have treaded these hallowed halls. Yet, Walker doesn’t merely step into this legacy; she ignites it, infusing each lyric with the raw energy of her Welsh roots.

Walker’s lyrics are not just words—they’re shards of truth, piercing through the veil of pretense to reveal the beating heart of humanity. With each verse, she invites us to embrace the dichotomy of our existence, to find solace in the knowledge that even in our darkest moments, there is beauty to be found.

Photo Credit: Tanya Walker.